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Getting Started in Fly Fishing

Frank Yaun September 2022

Getting Started Fly Fishing

Thanks to Covid, a lot more folks are getting outdoors, many of them want to try their hand at catching trout on flies, but don’t know how to catch the fly to get him on the hook. Ok, bad joke, but get used to them. Seriously, it can be confusing, and expensive, not to mention after you get the basic gear, what then? One quick answer is to hire a local guide to see if it’s something you’ll enjoy, because that’s what it’s all about! If you’ve been down that road already, and are wanting to give it go on your own, then buckle your chin strap and let’s get to it!

Every few weeks, I will post blog a blog article that goes thru the whole shebang, from basic needed gear, casting, knots, flies, techniques, etc, along with some video tutorials, and if you really get into it, I will be posting some video tutorials on how to tie some basic fly patterns. But, I must warn you, if you’re like me, be prepared to become addicted to this amazing art of fly fishing, and the only recovery is to fish, and fish, and fish…

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