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Fly Fishing Western North Carolina in The Fall

Fall is one of the best times to be fly fishing in Western North Carolina. The DH (Delayed Harvest) as most of us call it, starts October 1st and is catch and release only, which is what most of us fly fishermen look forward to. The water temperatures cool and make for prime-time fishing. Patterns to consider and have on hand are Orange, White, and Purple/Black Streamers, throw smaller sizes # 14-16s. If your throwing Dries, Orange Elk Hair Caddis #16-18s are great and Blue Wing Olive from #12-20s and Black Elk Hair Caddis #14-18s plus Light Cahills. Midges are great to have as well. #18-22s. For Nymph Patterns use tan mops, black stoneflies, and soft hackles #16-18 and orange fast prince nymphs #14-16s. Many of our rivers fish extremely well in the fall and you will catch plenty of trout and big trout are roaming our waters as well. Make sure to balance out your tippet with the size of fly you're throwing and water conditions and do not get stuck fishing the same pattern all day if it's not working and lastly, this being the most important thing in fly fishing. The presentation of the fly is maybe the single most important aspect within fly fishing and takes time and practice to get better at. Fly Fishing is an art and a very beautiful one at that and with a lot of practice and patience you will become an artist. Tight Lines- Shannon

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