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Stream Report 03/10/2024

Springtime is just around the corner, we lost an hour of sleep, but we gained an hour or so of fishing in the evening and the rivers are well stocked for the Delayed Harvest Sections (Catch & Release)

We have had plenty of water the past month with warmer than normal temperatures, the 3rd warmest February on record here in Western North Carolina. All of the rivers are fishing excellent right now. You will wanna throw streamers and use heavier nymph patterns to get those bugs down deep and a slower presentation, change your weight of your flies to accomplish this. For dries, Blue Wing Olive's in size 16-20 and Royal Wulff patterns are working well , same sizes. Nymph patterns are black or tobacco Pat's rubber legs , midges in size 18-22 and egg patterns are a great safety valve in yellow or orange fort stocked fish. Olive and Black Streamers sizes 12-14 is a great choice. You will experience fast water and higher water levels , look for slack water to find your fish hiding from the fast moving current. Tippet size should be around 5/6x and on streamers use 3x and shorten your leader. Remember, presentation trumps pattern every time , so focus on your drifts , cast and line management as well. As always, tight lines..

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