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Fall Streamers

Fall is a great time to throw streamers, one of the best patterns to use is a Orange Wolly Bugger and I mean Tenn Vols Orange. When your on a streamer bite, usually the trout are very large and very aggressive. Using a rod set up for streamers with sink tip line and a heavy leader formula is the way to go. Often times trout will attack a streamer to get it out of its space or they are looking for that one big meal for the day, as big brown trout often do. Fish a streamer in hard to reach places, around logs and good cover and throw into places many anglers overlook and you'll be surprised to find a large trout waiting to ambush prey there. 6wt and even 7wt rods are good set ups for our area on rivers like The Tuck and South Holston. Getting down deep with sink tip line will get you to those bigger trout lurking in the bottom of the river. Other great color combos for fall are white and purple/black being a great color choice as well. Leech patterns and even a sex dungeon crawfish pattern won't hurt to have in your arsenal. Good luck and tight lines

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