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Euro Nymphing ( CZECH Nymphing )

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

What is this style of fly fishing that I keep hearing about called: Euro Nymphing?

Euro Nymphing is a very effective way to catch a ton of trout and also, very large trout when the trout are not rising for a dry fly or being too picky for a streamer, euro nymphing is very effective and easy to get the basics down. Considering trout feed sub surface ninety percent of the time, you want to have your bugs down deep and in those trout's faces and Euro does just this. I fish this style throughout the year and have days like yesterday, when water conditions were high, and the clarity of the water was stained. I was able to get around 25 wild trout in a 2-hour session. It is not uncommon to catch 100+ trout during the delayed harvest time of the year (October 1st - June) in 3-4 hours using this technique. Never limit your fly-fishing technique to just one way.

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